1. Consult with our Advisors

2. Identify Marketing Campaign

3. Launch



Spin My Ad intercepts your customers where THEY are!  We take your message to the right place, at the right time, to ensure your message is seen by the right audience.


Customizable Campaigns! You talk, we listen and then we come up with head turning, taylor-made strategies to make your company's vision and campaign goals a reality.

Visual Impact! It's important! Don’t get lost in a magazine or paper where everything looks the same. You pay money to advertise. Therefore we think it’s only fair that your message stands out and gets seen in a really cool way! We help you make a serious impact that will leave a memorable impression.

Average minimum exposure dwell time is 7.5 SECONDS for a bike ad! Can we just say this means people stare at this stuff and move on to the next advantage? Kidding! This means you get the most BANG for your buck with a cycle ad in comparison to newspaper, billboard, taxi and all other forms of media known to mankind in the 12866!

It’s green advertising! Our riders burn calories, not fossil fuels. In 2014 doing right by the environment is important and valued by your customers! It shows you’re not only thinking about them but also the city you do business in. Now you don’t need to take pictures of your employees recycling their plastic forks from lunch or wearing their Birkenstocks on “casual Friday” to show that YOU care about the earth!

Attention peddler! Change of plans! You can’t re route printed and outdoor media until the end of your advertising cycle. With our mobile advertising platform you can re route your ad within seconds to be exactly where the crowd is!

You now have a new employee…in spandex. We take being an extension of your brand VERY seriously. We go to GIANT lengths to educate our riders on your company, mission and promotion so they are knowledgeable and can answer any questions that might be thrown at them. This makes your ad interactive! With cycle advertising, your ad can officially speak! How cool is that? We’re bias, but we’re thinking that is pretty sweet!

Your ad now has hands…We offer all of our clients an additional service to have our riders carry and pass out promotional flyers, cards, etc., up and down the locations they are routing! If you ask us…that puts the “ILL” in guerILLa marketing!

Social Media….#NotAwkward #CanThisGetAnyBetter?.. We’re definitely NOT socially awkward. Our riders are not only personable enough to talk it up with your consumers and speak your product/promotion and language, but they are also cool enough to take pictures with the crowds shaping around your ad and smart enough to understand the importance of social media. Our Riders can take photos and “hashtag” to Instagram and the twittersphere to keep you in the conversation both on the ground and online! And, all this time we thought “kill two birds with one stone” was just a saying!